Shield Your Home From The Worst Winters With Double Glazing.

Inclement winters have always been the norm in the United Kingdom. However, over the last few years, winters have progressively been getting worse with ground frosts appearing earlier than usual leading on to deep and prolonged snow fall.

upvc double glazing windows

Unlike countries more adept to coping with harsher winters such as Canada, the United Kingdom and its infrastructure is not used to deep snow fall and everything from the motorway network to public transport grinds to a halt. This failure by local councils to react properly to the harsher weather costs the country millions in revenue from people unable to journey to work.

On a more individual and personal level, householders generally dread the onset of winter as it means greater expenditure on fuel bills; particularly for gas as the central heating system is active for much of the day.

To ensure that heating bills are kept as low as possible,

it is wise to invest in upgrading your current windows to double glazing. Traditional wooden windows expand and contract depending on the surrounding environment meaning that heat can escape through gaps and through the single glazed panels usually installed with these types of older windows.

Replacing these older frames and windows with UPVC double glazed windows will, in the long term, provide a good return on investment. UPVC, as it is made of plastic, is not susceptible to the elements like wood and thus does not expand or contract. This means that the window frames will always provide the best insulation by installing energy-efficient Double Glazed UPVC Windows..

Double glazing windows,

as the name implies, consist of two panes of glass. In between the panes is a cushion of air. This air acts as an insulator. In effect, a double glazed pane consists of one layer of glass, an insulating layer of air and another layer of glass. This is what gives double glazing windows their excellent heat saving property – they keep both the heat inside your home and the cold outside.

It is clear to see the benefits of this, if your house stays warmer for longer, you will not have to keep turning on your boiler as frequently and thus keep your heating bills to a minimum.

Double glazing windows are available in a variety of colours and styles to suit every variety of home and with a professional installation service available; you can start keeping the heat inside your home and ensure the cold winter stays outside.

Shield Your Home From The Worst Winters With Double Glazing