Add An Extra Room To Your Home With A New Conservatory

As homeowners we are always looking for new and better improvements to make to our homes. Even if we have lived in the same house for years and it already feels established and roots pun down, a fresh update and even a way to extend your home is exciting.

Think of a conservatory or extension, when we decide that it’s time to move to a bigger home these options are to be researched first as they are usually the better and more convenient option, not to mention considerably less expensive. Apparently, building a new conservatory can add around 10% to the value of a house.

Due to a lack of space we firstly opt for a brick built extension as at first as it seems the most permanent option. Made entirely from brick and windows with a slanted or felt roof the double glazed windows will keep in most of the heat.

But it is not always the best decision to fully brick build; a conservatory is a great alternative.

They are better and quicker to erect and will save much more money. Constructed entirely from double glazed toughened glass, these are heated by the sun as well through the corrugated roof. They let in far more natural light and give a better all round view of your garden. For a more contemporary look the conservatory can be stripped of the classic furnishings, providing a clean and simple space.

modern attractive conservatory orangery

The composite doors and double glazed windows will give the peace of mind of security. The windows are of the best seal and along with draught proofing they are also secure and maintenance free. UPVC is the first option and they look classical in white or any colour that will fit in with your home. Hardwood is also a great alternative but it does have to be looked after, although not for a few years. Hardwood is also traditional in style and adding style is what all home owners love.

The other style of extension instead of a brick extension or conservatory is the new unveiled orangery. These are now thought to be the most lucrative and stylish. These are considered to be the next generation in home extension and a radical new addition. Sometimes it also deemed a more appropriate, interesting and substantial addition to your building. Not made entirely from fully glazed windows like a conservatory these are more to taste for traditional buildings and a careful combination of windows and brick. These are not to grow oranges in anymore though!

The lean to conservatories is simple and uncomplicated in format. They are the ideal solution to the smaller budget and are sometimes turned into front porches as well as the extra room overlooking your garden. By adding a breakfront to this type of conservatory it will give a perspective of added height and space.

What is the Value of a New Conservatory?