What Makes Energy Efficient Home Replacement Windows?

People have become increasingly aware of the environment and are constantly seeking ways to leave a smaller “footprint”, and save money on energy costs.

Though energy efficient home replacement windows are not the first thing people think of when they contemplate environmental problems and solutions, they are one of the best ways to save money and help preserve and protect the environment. By using less energy and lowering utility bills, everyone wins.

In addition to lowering heating and air conditioning usage and cost, energy efficient windows provide homeowners with additional value. These technologically advanced windows have substantially lower maintenance costs and a much greater lifespan. Tax credits may also be available for homeowners who install energy efficient replacement windows.

Selecting the right replacement windows for home or business requires some basic understanding of features that make a window more energy efficient

Special features such as heat reflective coatings, dual weather stripping, insulated glass panels, and warm edge spacers that adhere to Energy Star manufacturing guidelines are essential elements of energy efficient windows.

Greater efficiency is achieved by combining vinyl mainframes with energy efficient features such as Solarban 60 or 70XL Low-e glass (glass products engineered to control solar heat gain), and warm edge spacer technology. Using these types of materials can drastically reduce home or business energy costs by trapping in warm air during the winter and reducing the solar heat gain in the summer.

Vinyl has become a popular option for replacement windows.

UPVC Replacement Windows

Though vinyl and wood are both energy efficient and have high insulating values, vinyl tends to offer the better solution. While wood windows look beautiful after the initial installment, they require periodic maintenance. Vinyl windows do not warp, peel, splinter, crack, or require regular coats of paint. Without this need for periodic repair and maintenance, a vinyl window provides homeowners with tangible savings over the life of the window when compared to wood windows.

Double paned windows also provide additional energy efficiency and cost savings. By using sealant to adhere two glass panes together to the warm edge spacer unit and inserting argon gas between the two panes, insulation value can be dramatically increased due to the reduction in heat flow through the two panes of glass. A super spacer can be placed between the two glass panes and further increase the insulation value by slowing the amount of heat loss or gain. A super spacer can also help prevent the formation of condensation, which can lead to the development of bacteria and mold.  Having bacteria and mold in a living environment can lead to the development of viruses, fungi, and mites that can cause respiratory infections, allergies, and asthma.

Homeowners seeking energy efficient replacement windows can choose from a variety of sizes and types to custom fit their home’s needs, including picture, casement, slider, single-hung, and custom shaped windows.

So, how much does it cost for replacement windows in 2022? Look for windows that are Energy Star certified to receive the best energy savings and the greatest long-term value.

What Makes an Energy Efficient Home Replacement Windows?